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Our History


Ken started Ironwood Acres as a residential tree removal business in 2005. The following years presented many trials including economic downturns & natural disasters. The business changed so much that at one time Ken was climbing problem trees at local properties, removing them from the top down…one limb at a time & at another time he was selling PA native trees & yet another time he was making mulch.  All along he challenged himself to find ways to utilize every bit of each tree he took down.  Firewood was one way to serve the communities needs & make good use of the products of residential tree removal.  This led to the need for a large space to accommodate the growing firewood business which led to the purchase of the property where our lumber mill is located.

After making the decision to transition to logging, Ken made his first lumber mill purchase. A one-man operation, he often worked 80 hours per week. Logging all day followed by firewood & milling in the evening. The business grew and for several years we had employees who ran the mill & firewood processor.


As the children grew, Teri was able to bring the kids to the log yard after school. They eventually started to do chores together as a family…cleaning up, stacking campfire wood, stickering lumber, or just keeping daddy company.  With growing minds & bodies the kids began to show their ability & interest in what was becoming a family operation. As parents Ken & Teri watched each one develop their own skills & move into their own place in production.  

In June of 2019, Grampa & Tennessee moved in & things have never been the same! He built a huge greenhouse & a chicken coop. He renovated the old garage & put an addition on the house. His mechanic skills have allowed the family to learn how to repair equipment & his construction skills have afforded us the chance to learn how to build as well. 

Now, Ken runs the logging operation Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest & Teri runs Lumber Capital Log Yard LLC with the girls as partners. Ken continues to challenge himself to create new ways to utilize all harvesting waste as do the girls at the log yard. Our charcoal & compost are examples of those solutions.

The family strives for personal as well as professional growth; looking to a future where they work smarter by continuing to upgrade equipment & improve the log yard property.

As icing on the cake…the girls hope to bring the area’s timbering past to life by preserving a touch of the location’s history & even showcasing historical logging artifacts!

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